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Up Close And Personal : 10 Random Facts About Me

I have shared many life lessons with you and many hardships along my journey. Let’s have some fun with this one. Here are 10 things you may not know about me.

1. Biggest fear: spiders and snakes! If you ever come to get me to kill a spider just know I will be good as gone before you can say, "spider!"

2. When I go shopping, I rarely try on clothes I actually hate shopping, hence why I don’t like trying on clothes. Who else feels this way about shopping?

3. I saw Bohemian Rhapsody in the Theater 10 times. Yes, I paid 10 separate times to see that movie, that’s how obsessed I am with it. Each time I saw it, I would notice something new that I didn’t see the previous times. I fell in love with Queen all over again. Which movie did you see in theaters more than once?

4. My favorite chips are ketchup chips The only problem is, you can only get them in Canada. When my parents visit, I always ask them to bring me some.

5. I have a major sweet tooth I could eat chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner. I live for hot chocolate. I guess you could say I definitely prefer sweets to salty snacks.

6. My big splurge is getting my hair blown out twice a week This is simply because I hate doing my hair.

7. I LOVE cards I save every single birthday card and Christmas card that I get. Those who know me know that cards are the best gift anyone could give me.

8. I am not a morning person. I am definitely a night owl. I seem to come alive at night.

9. I Love to wash laundry It’s very therapeutic for me but I don’t like to fold it and put it away.

10. I’m obsessed with Elton John I love him. I think he is the epitome of perfection. I did meet him one time and I’m hoping to get invited to one of his “White Parties.” (LOL) So there you have it. Now you know me a little bit better. Comment and tell me something interesting about you!

JULY 3, 2019

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