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Catching Up With Kimberly Dawn: Closet Edition

Did you catch me on Closet Raid? It was so much fun joining my good friend, Jazmin Whitley to give you a glimpse of my closet and show you my go-to outfits for different occasions!

4 Organizational Tips From my Closet

1. Color Coordinate so it's easier to find stuff. This is also creates a very aesthetically pleasing look.

2. Hang all your long dresses together and all your short dresses together. That way, the short ones don't get lost within the long ones.

3. Hang all your clothes with the same type of hanger for a cleaner look. I never stray away from using thin, black hangers.

4. Use some sort of stand to hang your jewelry on. As you can see in the video, I use a tree stand on my center island to hang necklaces from. This makes necklaces look neat and prevents tangles. Visit My Website:

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