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A Day In My Life… March 6th, 2014

6:15 am: alarm goes off to jump in shower

6:45 am: go wake up Jordyn & Tyler

7 am: go wake up Tyler and Jordyn


7:15 am: wake up Camden and Avery

730 am : rushing to get Jordyn & Tyler out the door so Farshad can get them to school on time.

7:35 am: get Camden up again

7:40 am : make a shake for Avery

7:45 am : Feed Camden

8:00 am: get Camden and Avery In the car to get them to school

8:15 am: dropped off Camden and Avery at school.

8:25 am: went to Starbucks to grab myself a chamomile tea. Now I’m off to the high school to

meet with counselors for Jordyn’s High school schedule next year.

8:30 am: eating a quick protein bar before my meeting

8:45 am: meeting with High School councilors to go over Jordyn’s schedule for next year.

9:30 am : drive to my piano lesson

10:15 am: piano lesson

12:00 pm: vocal lesson

1:30 pm: pick up Tyler from school for his ortho appt

2:35 pm: pick Avery,Camden & Jordyn from school

3:00 pm: grab a quick snack for kids while they change for baseball practice and dance

3:15 pm: drop Jordyn off at dance

3:30 pm: drop off Camden at baseball practice.

4:30 pm: pick up Camden from Baseball.

4:45 pm: pick up Jordyn from dance

5:00 pm: drop Tyler off at lacrosse practice.

5:15 pm: grab Avery from home drop her off at hip-hop class.

6:30 pm: drop Jordyn off at school for her choir performance

6:45 pm: pick up Avery from dance and drop her off at home.

7:00 pm: get Tyler from lacrosse

7:07 pm: just made it in time to watch Jordyn’s choir performance

9:30 pm : just getting home. I am so tired. But I need to check emails.

11:30 pm: off to bed to start all over again tomorrow.

By the way I did feed the kids dinner somewhere between pick ups and drop offs!

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