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Follow Your Arrow

I’ve been on a musical journey for the past 12 years, writing,recording and trying to find myself and where I fit into this whole world of music. Working with amazing vocal coaches throughout the years and continuing to shape my instrument, my voice.

I have written hundreds of songs, many of which I recorded. Still, there was always something missing for me as I continued to invest myself in all avenues of this artistic expression. I felt like I wasn’t following my deep passion in music, but creating what I thought wold be most successful. I let others steer me in directions that didn’t feel authentic. It was hard to gage between the insecurity, and the drive to succeed, and the love of purely creating what felt good. As a result, I took a little break from music. I stepped away from writing and the process of making music. One day this wise little voice inside my head said “you need to follow your heart and focus on the music you love most.” I pondered this awareness for a long while. I grew up on a farm and listened to all genre’s of music, but country music was my deepest love. Growing up singing in church, rooted me in my connection to folk and country music. It possesses a simple honesty and wholesomeness that is reminiscent of the church and community that I was raised in. Country music has been always been my passion. Growing up singing in church, rooted me in country music. Country music possesses a simple honesty and wholesomeness that is reminiscent of the church I raised in.

When I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music, I immediately fell into the pop genre. One time I mentioned to a producer that I was working with that I was interested in pursuing country, but he shot it down hard. His words were “you can’t do country in LA”. For so many years that thought has lived in my mind. Even if the idea crossed my mind, I always stopped myself, hearing that voice, “you can’t do country music in LA. You need to live in Nashville.”

Over the past twelve years there have been so many signs that have made me slowly follow my heart. I finally woke up one morning and knew it was time. I had a conversation with my vocal coach and she agreed, seeing resonance in who I was and this genre of music. The following week I went in for a vocal lesson and Martina McBride was there with her husband John McBride. I had a long on conversation with John before I even knew who he was. He gave me some country music producers in LA. to contact. It’s just these little things that present themselves to remind me that this is what I am meant to be doing right now. It feels so right and so natural for me.

It’s important to venture through life head on, despite the curve balls. It’s through all of these experiences that one learns and grows. Eventually, fear takes a back seat and the truth unravels.

I’ve been writing up a storm and am getting ready to start recording again. I can’t wait to share it with everybody.

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