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Following Your Dreams

A day in my life will sometimes consist of me having to sit on a set with my 13 year old Jordyn.

From the time she was 4 Jordyn decided that she wanted to be on television. She told my husband and I and at the time we were both reluctant to let her do it.

By the age of 6, however, she was still being persistent about wanting to act. My husband told me if I could get her an agent then she can try it. A friend of mine referred me to her kids agent and they took Jordyn on.

Jordyn is now 13 and she continues to love acting and has never asked to stop. She takes classes every weekend, usually her whole Saturday is devoted to taking classes. Jordyn does miss out on things like sleepovers and even parties but she is very committed this. We will continue to support her until she ever decides not to pursue it.

Today I am on set with her because she is shooting a book cover with Rainn Wilson (Yes, Dwight on The Office).

Follow your dreams.

Love and Blessings,

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