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Making A Difference One Download At A Time

I wrote a song four years ago called Warrior. My intention was never to release it. It was fiercely personal and I felt that I needed to just keep it for myself. The reason it was so personal to me as I had been noticing an increase of bullying, and just over all meanness in the schools and with my own kids friends. I had also been hearing that young children were taking their own lives because they were bullied or didn’t feel like anyone cared about them. It really put me in such a sad place because I can’t imagine how lonely and sad a child would feel to take their own life. I ended up recording it and when I listened to it, I chose to release it because I wanted to share the message.

As time passed and I grew as a person and songwriter, I decided to re-record it, re-write it a little, and release it as a single. My intention with the song was to make a contribution and find an organization I felt was in alignment with the things I’m passionate about. Issues that are impacting our children— things like, spreading kindness, anti-bullying, empowering young girls and women, finding solutions that can lend a hand in helping our kinds make good choices and giving back in every sense of the phrase. Tall order I know, but I found it quite organically.

After talking with a few organizations, my girlfriend Tiffany Pineagar introduced me to her sweet friend Vanessa Cole. Vanessa and her husband, Chad founded a public charity called AddyPresFoundation . Vanessa and I share so many of the same philosophies and values, I was thrilled to collaborate with her. I love what she and her husband are seeking to accomplish with their efforts. Vanessa and Chad have aligned their work with the national organization CASEL, the Collaborative for Academic Social Emotional Learning to bring awareness and exceptional programs to our public schools, families and communities.

Meeting Vanessa and Chad helped me realize the purpose of “Warrior”. I’m so excited to announce that I have teamed up with the AddyPresFoundation and I will be donating 100% of the net proceeds from every download of the song, Warrior to their efforts. I hope you’ll join me in supporting this amazing effort!

Sometimes things are manifested overtime through patience, perseverance and faith. As personal as this song is to me, I knew there was a bigger purpose for it. I hope you enjoy it.

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