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The Man I Admire

I love to write about woman I admire because I love giving accolades to well deserved women. I think we as women should support one another and build each other up. However, I do think behind most great women there is an amazing man in support of her greatness. In my case it’s my husband, Farshad.

Meeting my husband 22 years ago,I could not have imagined that our life together would have turned out the way it has. We have been married for 19 years, and with four children our story has been filled with bumps in the road, but it’s our story,and it has been and continues to be a beautiful one.

There are so many things that I admire about my husband. When I first met him I noticed what a close relationship he had with his family, in particular, his mother. I had always heard the way a boy treats his mom is the way he will treat his wife. Farshad has the utmost respect, care and loyalty for his mother and for all woman in general. My daughters and I have been the recipients of this beautiful quality.

Farshad has always been a hard and focused worker, trusting his judgments and not afraid to take risks. Where he would never take a risk is with our family. Because he has proved this repeatedly, I trust him without question. Everything he does is for us, sacrificing so much to make sure our kids have the best education. He is a man of great integrity, humility and virtue. I cannot thing of greater qualities that a man could possess, and I hope for the very same from our sons. Farshad, even through his own discomfort, has supported me in my musical pursuits. He is always there to hold my hand before and after a show. He was there waiting outside the door when I decided to audition for “The Voice”. I knew he was thinking, “why are you doing this?” he knows that it is my passion and something that completes me, so he continues to supports me, despite his concern. This is the essence of true love, from a place without conditions and because of this is our marriage continues to work. Marriage is a continual give and take and, he continually gives and supports.

This man has a heart of gold, and I see it every time he interacts with people. He’s kind and generous in all ways. My husband would give the shirt off his back to anyone. He is as authentic and real as they come. He is silent in his philanthropy, but he is so giving in his abundance. Matching his virtue keeps me on track and true to what is most important when I lose my footing. He is the greatest friend I have ever had and also the person that hold me accountable to what I believe in most

I am beyond blessed to call him my husband, friend and the father of my children. God has surely blessed me in multitudes with him, and for this I will forever be in gratitude.

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