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2016 Teachings and Intentions

Part of my “Intention Setting” in the New Year, includes reflecting on the year prior. I like to scan the year, and write down my learnings. It’s a different perspective to see it all before me on paper. There is also something cathartic about the experience. It’s not always easy, but deeply purposeful.

Here are some…

*I’ve learned it’s okay to share my struggles and my authentic self, instead of masking my reality. We are in this life experience together, why not be real about it ?

*In light of friendships shifting, I can still move forward into a new phase with love & kindness. I know it’s okay to choose to remove people out of my circle if they do not serve me, or me them any longer. I see its an act of love on both sides.

*2016 taught me the importance of taking deep care of my health. I have to be the advocate for myself because no one knows my body as intimately as I do. Without health there is nothing to anchor your self to, except faith, of course.

*I learned this year that when I step out of my comfort zone and do something that is not comfortable for me I will grow expedientially. I learned that when I auditioned for the Voice, even though I did not make it onto the show, I was able to walk away from the experience knowing that I stepped into my fear and did it, at all costs. Not getting a call back was nothing in comparison to the strength that I mustered in just showing up.

*I’ve learned that when you live with a forgiving heart, you’re able to truly feel peace. Holding a grudge or feelings of resentment, towards others, or towards oneself, do not serve me or anyone else.

*I have really learned that I have a hard time with change. My eldest son graduated from High school and the shift was really hard for me. As my children are getting older it is a struggle to let go and trust their independence that lives separate from me. I have come to realize that as embrace things that I can not change, I am peaceful and my relationships grow stronger. Change is a constant and I am slowly accepting this truth.

*I have been able to take a huge leap of faith and leave my children for longer than a few days, putting my trust in others, and them in order to travel. My kids were fine and they survived without me. My love for traveling has grown so much this past year, and I am looking forward to investing in traveling more in 2017. It was so good to really reconnect with my husband and remember who we are as a couple. The investment is worth everything.

*I have realized that my experience of writing has grown so much more than it’s beginnings in songwriting. I have such a desire to write, share and process my truths, whether it’s through a song or I a writing for my blog. It is deeply therapeutic and has helped me grow in ways I could not have imagined.

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