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Take A Deep Breath And Breathe

It’s a Sunday afternoon and it has already been a very hectic day for me. I went to church this morning, which is always needed for me to try to center myself for my week ahead. My hope is to have that time in church to not only get some kind of inspiration, but to help me find a sense of peace and grounding to combat some of my anxiety. I am preparing to leave for Nashville in a week, and literally, as soon as I return, my family and I are departing for our annual family vacation. I’m quite anxious because I have so much that I need to get done before I leave and my week ahead right now is already jam-packed with writing sessions, which I am truly grateful for. As I’m writing this post, I’ve already done three loads of laundry and started packing for both my trip to Nashville and my family trip. I need to make sure that everybody has everything they need since I will be gone next week, and when I return, there will be no time to get myself in order.

I’ve also been prepping dinner to feed my family. On Sunday nights, I always make sure that we have a family dinner together. Phew... I’m not quite sure why am sharing this with all of you… maybe it’s because I want you to know you’re not alone when it comes to feelings of overwhelm of maintaining a family and oneself at the same time. I feel like my work is never done when I’m trying to juggle the needs of my family, work, friends and everything else in between.

As an independent artist, I have to do a lot on my own. Trying to find time to invest in my social media, figure out the next steps writing a song and when I’m going to record it, is often overwhelming. In the midst of that I am also consistently looking for moments of serenity so that I can find that creativity to create my music. Lots of moving parts that sometimes don't want to cooperate with each other.

Trying to find the right people to work with can be quite difficult. When I have been introduced to someone by mutual friends I always feel that’s the best way to go. Unfortunately lately when I have started establishing a working relationship with them, as well as a friendship, the boundaries get blurred and the experience becomes negative.

I try my best to keep my experiences and relationships positive. This business is a challenging one. I’ve dealt with a great deal of ungratefulness and unkindness, which makes the beauty of what I love sometimes pale. Creating music is personal and emotional, when business relationships fail, they hurt extra because the creative force is so personal. I am struggling to brush it off and move higher, but I am human and it takes it's toll.

As I prepare to leave for Nashville and focus on writing, I am committed to get myself centered, in a positive mindset, and have a clear heart to write something beautiful. I am truly looking forward to channeling all of these emotions into something special. As soon as I return home, I leave to be with my beautiful family, Clear skies ahead !

Stay tuned for a later post where I’ll share my vacation with you!

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