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Wednesday Woman: Alisan Porter

Ali and her three kiddos Cassie, Aria and ,Mason

Ali is this beautiful, genuine, sassy kind of girl who immediately draws you in. Her smile and infectious laugh just make everything that much better.

Ali is a girls girl, and she will always tell you what she thinks from a kind and honest perspective. She is a straight shooter, and I respect her immensely because of it. I am inspired by seeing this strong and confident woman who maintains her allegiance to girls. She is also a single mom doing everything she can to raise healthy, confident kids on her own. At the same time following her dreams and passion for music. I am thankful she chooses to share her God given gift with the world.

Ali’s incredible individuality has been a part of her exceptional career from the start. As a child in Massachusetts, she won Star Search and soon relocated to Los Angeles. She landed roles in films like Curly Sue and Parenthood, as well as TV series like Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and The Golden Girls. With a passion for music, she immersed herself in her high school’s musical theater program. She landed parts on Broadway, returned to Los Angeles to form a band, then headed back to the New York City stage for a role in A Chorus Line.

Not long after that, she started a family with her then-husband and briefly went off the radar to spend time with her growing family. A friend submitted her to The Voice without telling her – a surprise move that opened the door for the next phase of her career. Making an intentional decision to turn her creative energies to music, Ali accepted the offer to appear on the show – and ultimately won the competition for Team Christina in 2016. She’s since formed a close bond with Christina Aguilera , who’s been a mentor and friend over the last few years. Ali is breaking free of all expectations, and that independent streak carries over into her newest album, Pink Cloud which releases September 13, 2019.

Ali co-wrote every song on the album, drawing on her country and soul influences as well as the highs and lows of her own journey. After a lifetime of roles on TV, film, and Broadway, this is the moment she’s been waiting for.

“I wanted to make sure the album had a throwback feel,” she says. “My wish was that it was like a front-to-back story. My favorite albums are the ones I can listen to all the way through, like Carole King’s “Tapestry” or Joni Mitchell’s “ Blue”, or even Kacey Mustgraves’ “Golden Hour.” To achieve that vibe, She recorded Pink Cloud live in just two days,at the Sound Emporium in Nashville. Nearly all of these songs were written in Nashville during an eight-day writing trip. Ali is beyond talented when it comes to singing. Her voice is flawless, hence she did win season 10 of The Voice on Christina Aguilera’s team. Ali exudes a strong presence which is a necessity for a woman in the entertainment business. Ali can surely hold your own.

Though life certainly hasn’t been easy for Ali. She went through her own dark place of battling addiction, coming out on the other end healthy and sober.

As a mother of three she continues to juggle family and her thriving career in the music business. It’s hard to balance it all but at the end of the day Ali always puts family at the top of her priorities. What an extraordinary woman and someone I truly admire. Stay connected to Ali by following her on her socials , Spotify, Apple Music. Don’t forget to buy “Pink Cloud” out on September 13,2019.

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