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What Are You Putting Out Into The World?

I want to talk about the energy that we put out into the world and how it affects what we receive in return, since it's been something that I have been focusing on. This isn't spiritual mumbo jumbo or a disbelief in God or a higher being, it’s just about what it means to vibrate from a positive place and how the world shifts to meet us there.

To be clear, I’m not writing to say that nothing bad ever happens if we remain positive. Life is unpredictable, and no one is exempt from having trials in theirs. The point is how we handle and relate to these challenges when they are dished. We can sit back and be mad and say “why is this happening to me?” Or we can realize that yes this is hard, but I deserve to get through it. The way we speak to ourselves is definitely the most important conversation that we have. We set the tone within ourselves, and the rest follow suit. So...BE SUPPORTIVE AND POSITVE of yourselves ! I mean why not really ? Why not win at your own life ?

This entire year has been a year of massive growth for me. A lot of ups, but definitely some downs too. When I’m in the ups and everything is just flowing, and it feels good I am constantly saying thank you because I’m grateful for that which is a gift. When I’m in situations that are less positive I can easily allow myself to spiral into a yucky place. I have worked very hard to talk myself out of that negative space and sit in the uncomfortableness of it instead, allowing it to pass through. Not making anything wrong, just showing myself extra kindness.. I invest in a lot of meditations, a lot of praying and a lot of soul-searching. I also spend time daily, expressing my gratitude for myself and those that I love. It’s hard to be grateful when things are not going your way, but when I look at all the things that have gone my way, it reminds me to focus on the health as I give love to the difficult.

We were born into this one limitless, unpredictable, gorgeous, bumpy, brilliant messy life. I don't get to write the script of my life, but I do get to write the melody. I am determined to make it beautiful and all mine. I wish you all the very same and am cheering you on every step.

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