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The Virtue Of Consistency

As we approach the end of the year, and embark on a new chapter, I like to begin to ponder the intentions that I am choosing to gift myself within the New Year. I am choosing to hold myself to my commitments in a different way in 2020. If you noticed, I referenced my intentions as gifts to myself. Way less pressure, way more kind, way more attainable approach I think. I am realizing that the old adage, “Treat others in the way you wish to be treated” is a pretty deep and brilliant sentiment. Quite often the very thing that we are craving, wanting, demanding, or asking for, is the very thing that we lack in giving to others. I believe that people are generally good, so I don’t think it’s personal, yet we are all still responsible for our behavior, intended or not. When I think of the one quality that I can possess and that I crave the most in every important person in life, it is without a doubt consistency.

I find that consistency is a virtue, and one that I am intending to deepen into in the coming year in every area of health in my life, first and foremost with the people I love. Keeping my word and owning my humanness with those I care most for is quickly becoming a non negotiable, as I get older. I find the most valuable people in my life have been those that have been consistent with their love. Now I’m not saying they have to be perfectly loving, goodness no, we are human beings after all! I am talking about consistent in their truth. There is nothing more loving than sharing yourself consistently with a friend. You could be showing your insecurities, your fear, your joy or your struggle, but you share it because it’s real and it’s intimate. That vulnerability is something beautiful, loving and brave. It’s the consistency in showing up, even if you’re not at your best. Knowing that you can count on a friend to show up not only when it’s convenient or fun, but when it really counts. That’s the essence of what friendship is.

I am setting an intention to consistently be brave in sharing myself with those in my world that have done the same with me so consistently. Healthy behavior breeds healthy behavior…this is what I am intending on giving to my loved ones on the New Year and receiving the same.

Blessings of loving consistency to you all.

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