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Wednesday Woman: Ella London

Ella London is a true breath of fresh air and pure sunshine, immediately evident the moment that I am in her presence. I was first introduced to Ella 4 years ago at Morehouse Vocal Studios, where I currently train with Valerie Morehouse. Ella is the studio manager there amongst running her own business. Ella London (aka Miss Sunshine) lives her life to create smiles by spreading an energy that feels like sunshine. Something that I can attest to experiencing first hand.

Ella’s story is a lovely one… What started as a sentimental tribute to her dad, in choosing his favorite color yellow for her wedding theme, Ella has evolved that loving gesture into a creative, happiness causing, smile inducing lifestyle and business.

Born and raised in Great Britain, Ella has 6 older siblings, and she was homeschooled from the age of 11 onward. She started homeschooling due to being bullied in school. This transition allowed Ella to blossom into the true strength of who she was. The sacrifice her mother and stepdad made for her emotional health is something she is forever grateful for.

Upon graduating from high school, she travelled to California with her parents. A couple of years later, she enrolled in community college and transferred to Cal State Fullerton, graduating Summa Cum Laude. She married her wonderful husband in 2008, which was the beginning of her spectacular yellow lifestyle.

In early 2019, Ella started her own business, Stories Around the Sun, to hold all of her creative work. She is a book editor, writer, music coordinator, and designer—she loves bringing other people’s stories to life. As Miss Sunshine, she is a social influencer, model, singer, podcaster, host, advocate, and speaker. A true marvel at all things creative! Ella applies her love of the color yellow, storytelling, international travel, a decade of leading teams in corporate America, and a graceful British accent, to inspire others, while introducing her loyal and growing audience to brands and causes that compliment her mission to spread sunshine and shine a light on the issues of today.

Giving back is a big part of Ella’s mission. Ella is deeply focused and committed to shining light on the issues and injustices in the world. The fight against human trafficking and modern day slavery is close to her heart. Ella was nearly kidnapped on Sunset Blvd when she was 17 years old, an ordeal that impacted her deeply. One of her first clients when she started her business, Stories Around the Sun, was a nonprofit in Orange County, with a mission to provide training and employment to survivors of human trafficking. She helped them get up and running with a logo, story, website, fundraising events, and more. Ella also is a very active volunteer advocate for nonprofits.

Here are a couple of recent fundraisers she has been a part of: In November 2019, she joined Lesley-Ann Brandt (Lucifer) in a 21 day yoga challenge to raise money for Earth Child Project in South Africa to raise money for kids in Cape Town’s impoverished neighborhoods to give them career training and yoga classes to deal with and get away from the violence they live around—over $40K raised. In December 2019, she led a team of 9 for Dressember, a foundation that fights human trafficking here and around the world. Not only was she invited to share her team’s story on KTLA 5 Morning News, but they raised well over $5,000, which was 40% more than the combined individual commitments from her team members.

Additionally, Ella also loves animals and is a vegetarian. She is currently on a journey towards being vegan and welcomes any tips!

Based in Los Angeles, Ella loves bringing happiness while wearing head to toe yellow every day! She is a walking piece of artistry. Anyone and everyone who knows her or gets the chance to meet her feels of her bright light and spirit. Ella truly is a gift to all of us. You can keep up with Ella on her socials:

Website: Instagram: Twitter: To learn more about Dressember or to get involved click link below: Dressember:

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