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Wednesday Woman: Tanya Memme

Growing up in Canada, and then moving to the United States at 18 years old, I realized that I still seem to attract Canadians wherever I go! All my Canadian friends and I laugh about how we Canadians seem to find each other.

Meeting Tanya Memme ten years ago is no exception. We instantly had a connection that was apparent. She grew up on a sod farm in Wainfleet, Ontario and I grew up on an agricultural farm in Vauxhall,Alberta. Two country girls living in the big city and connecting on so many levels is a true pleasure.

Tanya is a warm, genuine, funny and very charismatic woman. Not only is she such a beautiful girl, she was crowned Miss World Canada, but the depth of her soul is just as beautiful.

Tanya has had a very successful career in television. Widely known as the star of the Emmy Nominated Home Design Show, “Sell This House" on the A&E Network for 15 years, she also hosted popular shows like "Sell This House Extreme" and "Move This House" on A&E. Although her career seemed to be thriving, there came a time when she was faced with a very difficult decision that changed the course of her career. She chose to leave a TV Show that, she and her daughter starred on, and both dearly loved. On the outside everything seems wonderful, but behind the scenes she was dealing with ongoing emotional and verbal abuse on set. With her integrity in hand and the example she wanted to set for her daughter, Tanya decided to quit the talk show that she was cast as the beloved DIY Expert for kids, after 5 years. This single decision has profoundly taught Tanya that in many cases, there is a price to pay when one is living with integrity. Tanya’s daughter Ava was devastated when her mom told her she had decided to leave the show, however, it was more important for Tanya to set an example for her daughter, as well as care for her emotional well being.

Not ever regretting her decision to leave the show, she took whatever obstacle’s fell in her path in the years to come and she kept going. The following years were tougher than she imagined. She left her marriage; lost her confidence on camera, fell into a deep depression, losing everything that she worked so hard for. Things started to spiral down for almost 5 years after that day, and as a single mom struggling to make sense of life, she hit rock bottom and didn’t know how to get out of it.

Tanya started to question her identity, because her identity was so attached to being on television. Tanya needed to find herself and she needed to see that whether or not she was on television that didn’t define who she was.

Looking for answers and guidance she, decided to start her podcast called “Life Masters” (on ITunes) because she wanted to find out how people who hit rock bottom were able to get out from under it and come through stronger on the other side. One thing she mentions often is that “when you are in your rock bottom... nobody will be there to save you. So stop waiting, because that person will never show up, you have to save yourself.” Tanya has become a passionate and transformative public speaker, in hopes to help others through their rock bottom. As she continues to go to different public speaking events, her hope is to empower others to be true to themselves and to know they are not alone, even in their darkest hours.

Once Tanya herself started using the principles of “Life Masters” within six months her entire life changed. Tanya focused on loving herself, which opened her up to finding love again. She chose to focus on the things that she was grateful for and to love life.

Tanya recently got a call from her manager with an offer that’s a dream come true. This was such a huge blessing. She will be in the public eye more than ever before. Stay tuned for more details. Tanya never would have expected what has evolved. As Tanya will say, “There is a mighty power that is always there, and takes care of us even in our darkest days. Whether you believe in God, or any higher power” Without a shadow of a doubt, Tanya believes that when you stick to your integrity, all will work out.

Additionally, Tanya invests tirelessly in philanthropic initiatives. She traveled to Cambodia as a spokesperson for World Vision, filming and uncovering the truth about Child Trafficking and Child Labor. Together Tanya and her father Frank Memme, make trips to Guatemala with "Wells Of Hope" to build schools and bring clean water to remote communities in the mountains. Her efforts and energy towards health are incredible.

In a recent conversation with Tanya she said, “all it takes is one phone-call, one email, one text, one person, one gesture, one experience or one moment to change another person’s life… and sometimes that phone call comes directly from you.” Such a profound statement which just reminds all of us to remember that as we walk through life we don’t know everyone’s story. Be a little kinder, be a little more empathetic, be more patient and don’t judge.

What a wise and inspiring woman Tanya is. It’s such an honor it is to know her and expand from her wisdom. Tanya teaches me so much and I truly feel her story can help so many people who are going through a difficult time and need to feel like they aren’t alone.

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