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My Oily Life

In the midst of this new normal, life has not seemed to slow down its lessons for me.

What was thought to be a pulled hip muscle, turned out to be a significantly torn labrum needing surgery and a good year of physical therapy. Whoa. Now I am not a person that is good at sitting still, or resting or not constantly doing. Well, here I am a 10 days post surgery, sitting still, resting and not doing. The pain in my hip pales in comparison to the adjustment of this new routine. I decided to dig deep and give myself the space and time to really be with myself and all of the feelings that come with that stillness. It’s amazing what comes forward when we don’t have the choice to distract ourselves, but that’s for another day… I want to share this miraculous discovery that I have found that has assisted me in ways that I am endlessly grateful for. The world of essential oils have infiltrated my life in perfect timing.

As Covid dismantled all of our lives overnight, I sought out support. A dear friend introduced me to the ancient world of essential oils a couple years ago. People have turned to the power of plants for healing purposes since the dawn of civilization. Through the various oils, each with their own purported healing qualities, there is a remedy of support for just about everything. When essential oils are inhaled or absorbed, the receptors in our noses send messages to our olfactory system (serves our sense of smell), eventually reaching the limbic system , which plays a role in our emotions and memory. When they are applied topically, the compounds are absorbed into the skin and eventually enter the blood stream before the liver metabolizes them. I use a variety of oils to assist my mental health, spiking migraines and general unrest, which was strained as result of these massive shifts. The results were nothing short of miraculous for me. I delved even more deeply into this world of oils when the pandemic hit and threw us all for a loop. It’s been a game changer. The blends of oils that I hold sacred address every one of my symptoms and provide support naturally. It’s truly a wonderful world that I am so grateful has merged with mine.

I use a roller blend called Deep Relief, to calm muscle pain and migraines. This blend includes, peppermint, lemon, helichrysum, and vetiver.

As daily support, I use a blend called Valor. It calms emotions and brings me back to center. It contains frankincense, rosewood and blue tansy. This is a game changer. I carry it in my purse and have it with me at all times.

Thieves is another blend that I use daily, as it is antibacterial and anti inflammatory, containing rose, eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary. I have this in diffusers running throughout my home all day… especially now.

Every night before I go to bed, I have been applying Panaway to my lower back, neck, and shoulders. I didn’t think crutches would take such a toll on my body, but boy was I wrong. Panaway is a hot oil blend (don’t get it in your eyes!!) that includes wintergreen, helichrysum, clove, and peppermint. It is basically the oil version of icy hot and the cooling helps relieve the pain. I also used Panaway before my surgery to help ease the pain in my hip.

These are just a few of endless oils that will support anything from hormonal imbalance to a torn labrum and onward. As always, nature rules.

If you are wanting to get more information or are interested in getting oils please message me. You can also find me my Health and Wellness instagram account @sacred_soulessentialoils

Check out this video Starter Kit Oils

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