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My Saving Grace

I have yet to meet a person that has not fallen into some form of struggle in life. When that struggle feels extra heavy, it’s almost impossible to get our equilibrium back without some help. There are so many modalities to help us; finding the one that works takes time. For me, my healing salve as a creative person is writing.

I started with free form journal writing, jotting emotions or thoughts down in my private journal many years ago. Slowly, those thoughts turned into stories that deepened, as I deepened into myself, and overtime and my blog was born. In essence, they are both the same for me; I just gained the courage to share myself more honestly as I went on.

The therapy of writing is very powerful. There is something cathartic about the act of putting pen to paper. Getting those feelings, stories, and emotions onto paper is empowering because it somehow takes the body's emotional weight. “Better out than in.” It’s a cliché saying, but it holds enormous truth. Facing upset, no matter the scale is far healthier than avoiding it. Journal writing takes no skill, just willingness and a commitment to yourself.

When I began my blog, I didn’t realize how healing it would be for me. My initial intention was to give and to share in the hopes that what I shared was relatable enough to whomever my reader was. What I didn’t expect was how therapeutic my blog was and continues to be for me. It pushes me to share what is meaningful to me and reminds me that the outcome is really of no consequence. I share from my heart, I share for myself, and I share because what I have to say matters. I don’t think I would have come to these beautiful realizations had I not begun scribbling in my little bedside journal years ago.

I invite, support, encourage and celebrate you all to write. It takes no skill or literary ability, just time and willingness. The process will only bring you closer to discovering yourself. And deep within, at our source, we are all pure light. I think discovering more of that is a beautiful thing.

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