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A day in the life…February 27th 2014

A day in my life always starts with me getting up at about 6am each day. One by one I go into each of my children’s rooms to wake them up. I then go back into my 15 year old son, Tyler’s room about 30 mins later to try and get him up again. I repeat the same thing with my 13 year old daughter , Jordyn.The youngest is Camden, is just as bad as the older kids he does not like to wake up for school but because he is 8 and he goes to school a little later then the older two, I let him sleep. Avery, is 10 and she is the only one who is more of a morning person. She normally sets her alarm and just gets up so hey 1 out of 4 i guess isn’t a complete failure.

So my oldest child is my son Tyler. He is 15 and is a Sophomore. He is a whopping 6’1 and as much as I try to have him stop growing he keeps growing. He towers over my husband and I. Tyler is funny and social and he loves life. One of his favorite things to do is make music. (Not sure where he get’s that from) About two years ago he asked for a DJ kit for Christmas. Well he lives and breathes it and he’s quite good. He is also a darn good little rapper. Music brings him joy so thats what matters. When he’s not breaking his nose on the surf board, getting concussions in MMA or getting into a golf cart accident (he wasn’t driving) you can find Tyler out on the football field playing lacrosse. If you haven’t guessed, he is my accident prone child but we all have at least 1.

Then came Jordyn, our bubbly, outgoing 13 year old. I don’t know where the time has gone because she is going to High School next year and it just doesn’t seem possible. Jordyn is full of life and is just as social as her big brother. She is not quite as tall as her brother, 4’10 to be exact but her presence is known. Jordyn loves the arts. She is a dancer , loves acting and she too is musical. Jordyn has been playing piano since she was 5 and even as crazy as her schedule is ,she continues to practice and work hard. Jordyn and I are involved in a group called National Charity League. It’s an organization for mother’s and daughters to work together with different philanthropic groups. We get to spend lots of time together and together we learn things like how to host and put on a formal tea. (we just did this a week ago). It has been wonderful for us to do tis together. She also just found out that she is going to be the 9th Grade President for her class next year. She is so excited about it.

Then there were three. My little Miss Avery is 10 and she will be starting middle school next year. Avery loves arts and crafts. She loves to make homemade gifts for everyone. For Valentine’s Day this year she made all her siblings and her dad and I homemade gifts. She set her alarm for 3am so she could get up and put the gifts in all our rooms, so when we woke up in the morning they were there. Yes our sweet little Avery is very thoughtful and selfless. Avery also loves to bake so we enjoy doing that together. Just recently Avery started taking aerial classes (yes like the singer P!nk ), her big sister Jordyn has been doing it for about 3 years. Avery loves it and she also does swimming and plays tennis. Avery is a little more reserved then the other kids. She has always been the one that needs me to go with her, she will never just walk into a room and go say hello and introduce herself, she’ll be hiding behind me. But when she feels comfortable she will talk your ear off. Avery too is very musical, though she is very private about it. She has been writing her own songs since she was 8. I see how much joy and peace it brings to her. I love that she has found an outlet to express her feelings.

And then there were four. Along came Camden who is 8 years old. He is boy. Lot’s of energy, feisty, has a lot to say and he is a little snuggler. Camden is in 2nd grade, he loves to play soccer, tennis and baseball. But I think playing Pirate 101 on the computer is probably his favorite. He was obsessed with Mine Craft and we had to slowly ween him off of it. (seriously we deleted it from the computers and told him he couldn’t play it anymore). The internet and video games is at times too over stimulating for kids and with Camden being the fourth I’m really on top of it. One thing about Camden is that he loves to read and right now he is so into “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid”. He loves the books and is totally reading the series. I know I have said this about all my kids but he too is into music. Camden plays the piano and he has been playing for about a year. Just in the past two moths has it all of a sudden come together. He could literally be bouncing off the walls and he’ll sit down at the piano and just calm down. It’s pretty amazing to watch.

These are my most prized possessions. Even though I have thought about selling them at times. I am blessed, I truly am.

Love & Blessings,

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