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Be A Warrior

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. It is a nationwide effort to help everyone become more educated and aware of the epidemic of bullying. Bullying does not just happen at school. Many times, the root of this abuse tactic starts in the home, and then carries into school and other aspects of life. This is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart, as a mother, and also a victim of bullying, having endured it when I was in Middle School. While I was raised be the one that treats everyone with kindness and respect, I am also the little girl who was bullied and cried myself to sleep. With the absence of social media, text messaging, and email it was still brutal, I see how its compounded today with so much access at our fingertips. Nevertheless, bullying is bullying, and it is a heartbreaking problem in society.

Four years ago one of my kids was having a problem with a friend. I think at times we assume our friends will always be there for us, sinking into the safe feeling of that connection. Sadly, it can often be the ones that we think are our allies that are doing the bullying. The betrayal can be very subtle. In this case with my child, it was very subtle. The littlest comments that were made, were the most hurtful and damaging because they hit so deep, going for those tender insecure places that all people have. It’s the smallest things said, or done that can be the most impactful on a human being, both positive or negative. I was really torn, watching my child hurting so deeply. My instinct to fix and protect, even fight on their behalf, but couldn’t find the place of protecting as a mother and encouraging strength through independence. I sat down at the piano, my salve, and I just started playing . My mind was overcome with emotion. I wanted to rise up and write a song of strength to empower, despite the darkness. If I can remind someone that they are strong, worthy and able to overcome anything, my hope is that they may feel empowered to do so.

Growing up and listening to music was my savior and my grace. There were certain songs the were my “power” songs. These were the pieces I would listen to over and over again, as they gave me the strength to get through another day, and draw me closer to myself, vs. closer to them. Even when I knew I was going to go to school, with no friends to sit with at lunch, and that one girl that got everyone to turn against me, I knew I could make it through another day because “Wilson Philips wrote a little song called “Hold One” telling me I could.

After days of sitting at the piano, I came up with a song called “Warrior”. We are all warriors in civilian clothes, and at times, we have no choice, but to be strong. There’s a line in my song that is my favorite line,” always gonna be some who want to steal your crown, try to build you up turn around and knock you down.” That line is so true in my life, and many others. No matter what you may have going on in your life there, are always going to be people who try to knock you down to bring you down to their own darkness, but it’s in those harrowing moments, that we must get right back up and dust yourself off and keep going. It takes loving ourselves that much.

Bullying occurs at all ages, whether its in the workplace or at home, it is pervasive. Now more than ever, we must stand together and support one another, by bringing awareness and maintaining inner peace and mental health. Should you see someone being treated poorly, or if you know someone is being bullied it is your duty to say something, to give love to take a stand, because we are all on the gorgeous planet together. If we teach and model to everyone to have courage and stand up for others we can all make a difference.

Here is the Link to my song ” Warrior.” My hope is that this song can give people of all ages the strength and courage to be strong when dealing with these bullies.

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