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Europe… Here I Come

I am beyond ecstatic because I am finally going to Europe for the first time in my life. It has not only been a dream of mine to travel to London and Paris, but it’s been on my “Bucket List” for quite some time.

My husband travels to London once or twice a year for business, but I have never gone with him because I have this little thing called “anxiety” about leaving the kids. Now that my oldest is almost 18, and has graduated from High School, and my youngest just turned 11, I feel that it’s time for me to take advantage and have this experience with my husband. I know that the trip will be glorious and romantic, beautiful and life changing, but in the forefront of my mind is the body of water and land that will separate me from my babies. My dreams of travel are huge and always have been, sadly the fear of leaving my precious children is hindering my excitement. I know enough about how powerful the mind is in making up stories when one feels uncomfortable, and yet the anxiety is a force and hard to wrangle in the wee hours of the night when it visits most.

What I am doing to combat this pesky anxiety monster, is face it head on. I am getting on the plane, I am leaving the kids, I am seeing this beautiful part of the world, and I am breathing into the discomfort, vs letting it win. I have my emergency list together, and my girlfriends are all on speed- dial. They know of my anxiety and have reassured me they are around if the kids need anything. That alone does help to put anxious mind at ease. I visualize myself in front of the tower of London, the Lourve, the Eiffel Tower, I visualize myself missing my babies and calling too much, but still living and giving myself and my husband this gorgeous experience. I hope to be inspired and to show myself that I am in charge or managing all that is uncomfortable. I will have lots to share with you all. Au Revoir !

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