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Happy Holidays

The holiday season is often portrayed as the happiest time of the year, and for many, it truly is. Christmas brings forth a multitude of delights – from cherished traditions and festive decorations to the joy of travel and meaningful Nativity readings.

How often do you see people's struggles in ads, Christmas movies, or social media influencer posts? The pain and overwhelming emotions triggered by the holidays for many go unnoticed. Not everyone eagerly anticipates the festive season.

Whether it’s working overtime to afford presents for your kids, taking it one day at a time as you face the holidays without a dear loved one, trauma from a difficult upbringing, the first holidays you are facing sober, or any other reason the holidays are tough, your feelings are valid. You are not alone. You are not obligated to celebrate in any specific way or feel pressured to pretend to love the holidays. 

My Song Christmas With the Angels is for everyone dreading spending the holidays without someone they’ve lost. It touches on the feelings of facing the holiday without that loved one. Feel the blue feelings entangled with the peace of reminiscing on that person, and feel an array of emotions as you feel your loved one’s presence among the angels.

No matter how you feel about the holidays, there is one universal opinion that most people can agree with: music is a healing vessel in the world. Music ignites feelings, dredges memories, pulls at our heartstrings, and exposes our feelings. Music becomes a refuge for every emotional state – whether we are happy, sad, angry, heartbroken, or devastated. We turn on music when we want to be alone. We turn it on when loved ones surround us. 

That’s why I created a Christmas album. I didn’t necessarily want to paint a picture that Christmas is this perfect time of year, but I wanted to create some upbeat music that people can listen to either get in the Christmas spirit or help them survive the holidays. Even when things aren’t perfect, we can create some perfect moments. 

Check out my Christmas album and my "Ho Ho Holdin' You" music video! Let it be in the background of your Christmas gatherings, or blast it in the car to do some last-minute holiday errands. I hope my music brings a smile to your face. 

Christmas is different for everyone. No matter what this time of year means to you, Happy Holidays!


Kimberly Dawn

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