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It's That Time Of Year

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t even want to hear the word “Christmas” until after Thanksgiving, then stop reading and re-visit this blog after Turkey Day. Christmas has pretty much been on my mind all year long because I’ve been recording my Holly Jolly Christmas album. It was a passion project that I have put a lot of work into. And I have had FUN with it.

The release date is finally approaching, and I am so excited! My Christmas album comes out on Nov. 2, but you can (and should) pre-save it now! Smart link to Christmas Album (click)

Working on this album has also been an escape for me. The world has been in turmoil. Just like many of you, I’ve been sick about the heinous acts going on in the world. Music has always been healing for me. Whether singing it or listening to it, it helps to bring me some peace and tranquility.

Music can touch our souls. It lifts us up when we’re sad. It creates fond memories when we’re happy. One thing that I want everyone to know is that I support spreading love, kindness, and peace. I strive to let go of judgment towards others because I know everyone has a story, and everyone has walked a path I have no idea about. I encourage you to pause this holiday season, turn on some Christmas music, and get lost in a happy moment.

Promotion is often the most challenging part of being an independent artist. One thing you can do to help me tremendously is pre-save my album and tell your friends and family to pre-save it, too.

Why Presave?

Pre-saving a song or album is very beneficial to an artist. The simplistic explanation is that pre-saving boosts release-day streams. You’ll be notified when it’s available, and there’s a higher chance you’ll stream it that first day. This helps the whole life of the album. Everything in our digital world is now entirely algorithmic. Every consumer click affects the algorithm, including clicking that “pre-save” button.

Bonus points if you follow me on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music, and please add my album. I hope that you will enjoy this album every holiday season. Perhaps it will become part of your holiday traditions. Put on your festive holiday attire, and get ready to sing along! Listen to it while decorating your Christmas tree, baking holiday treats, or gathering around a warm fire drinking hot chocolate.

My Christmas album is all about love and joy. I want people to have fun while they listen to it. Singing Christmas songs helps me get into the holiday spirit, and I hope it enables you to get into the heart of giving, love, and laughter!


Kimberly Dawn

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