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How Much Is Too Much Sharing?

We live in the wondrous age of technology. Everything and almost anything can literally be done with the click of a button. It’s a true miracle if used to its fullest. The underbelly is that privacy is virtually obsolete. You have to be excessively careful of what you say, what you write, what photos are taken, etc, because everything is subjective to the viewer. Our personal lives quickly become public and totally scrutinized on the social media/technology train. It’s hard to have any real privacy if you choose to advertise your life.

In recent weeks this is something that I have really wrestled with. I am feeling that while I love to share my personal life, reflections, and interests, I may need to step back from being an over sharer. It’s not that I tell the world everything, but I feel that my open book nature may not be serving me. The learning curve has been steep. I have shared freely, making assumptions that most will choose to see the good first, or at least give me the benefit of the doubt. Even cheer me on, etc. Not always the case. While I have a healthy foundation, I’m only human and it’s not always easy to weather the judgments or backhanded comments that come with sharing freely. It’s just what comes with the territory in this wild world of social media. Ultimately, it’s within me to allow any of it to affect me. The more I know my truth and intention, the less the hurtful stuff hurts. Still, the truth remains that I am more sensitive than I am not.

I will continue to share my heart, my views and myself bravely, but with more awareness. The silver lining is that I get to see those evolved beings, who truly choose to the see the good in others first, and those who seek to understand when something makes them feel uncomfortable, instead of retaliating. It’s a good lesson of self reflection and self awareness.

It’s the things in life that sting that push us more deeply into growth.

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