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Inspiring Young Woman : Bella Phillips

Bella Phillips is a 20 year old woman who is well beyond her years. I met Bella when she an 11 year old, shy , sweet girl. From the moment I met her she was this warmth and bright light that shines. She is also an incredibly beautiful and talented actor. Today, she readily shared with me that she believes that every person that we meet is a blessing or a lesson. Holding life in this way at such a young age is quite remarkable.

Bella also shared that social media intimidates her. She sees the judgement and scrutiny that this forum can encourage, and it gives her pause. “It’s hard enough without being under a microscope”, she shares. This past year has brought her a lot of self reflection. Despite her contemplations, she chooses to be fiercely positive. Through this attitude, she chose to put herself out there, auditioning for bigger roles.

Bella, started in theater at the age of 12, inspired by her father who is an actor. When Bella was 3 years old, she remembers going on tour with her dad, who was in “The King & I “. She loved watching him, and was compelled by his craft. While Bella was singing in her church choir, the director encouraged Bella to come join in a theater group. Shortly thereafter, Bella auditioned for her first role in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with a theatre group called Simi Arts. She got the part. Bella was always very shy, despite her acting abilities. When she decided to get involved in theatre, she trained a lot, and self reflected, making a sure that she was ready and well equipped. She consciously chooses to surround herself with positive people who uplift and inspire her. There is no space for any negative vibes to effect her.

Her advice to girls going through a difficult time in MS and HS, is to clearly remember that those awkward years will pass. By focusing on the present moment, as well as yourself, you will mitigate the difficulty of others. She reminds me that “new things will always present themselves, just live in the present & be positive. “

As Bella says “every person you meet is a blessing or a lesson”. Bella accredits her amazing outlook to her beautiful Mom. She shares that her mom inspires her, and she aspires to be the kind of woman she is. What a testament to her amazing mother, and what a gift of a beautiful young woman.

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