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Inspiring Young Woman : Paige Chestnut

Paige is quite a remarkable young woman. When I met her she was very shy and soft spoken. Seeing the young woman Paige has transformed into is a beautiful thing to witness. It’s like watching the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. Truly beautiful at every stage. That is sweet Paige. Looking back at that twelve year old little girl, I do not think I could have imagined what she would later become. This quiet child has blossomed into a woman with an extraordinary mind of her own. Growing into this confidence is what we all hope for from our children.

In middle school and high school Paige was painfully shy. It took her months to gain the courage to talk to people in attempt to make friends. Ever since she was young, she had a strong fear of judgement, that debilitated her for a long time. Once Paige left the confinement of high school and began her transition into a young adult, she desperately wanted to leave the shy high school kid persona behind, along with most of her insecurities. It was difficult and a day to day intentional process, but it became fluid as time went on. Paige was elated to find that her perseverance had paid off and as a result, she made several close friends that year.

Learning to navigate through social media has also been a process for her. Although she has been able to get over most of her fears of being judged, it still causes her to overthink from time to time. She struggles in posting pictures because she always finds something wrong with them. Pushing through her insecurity, has helped her break through some of the issues that she battles with today. Although she fully recognizes that social media is not the most positive or safest place for a young person to share themselves, she does believe it has its benefits.

Paige, on her own accord, decided to pursue a career in modeling. She took the initiative by bravely calling her mom while she was studying in Boulder,Colorado, sharing that she wanted to leave Boulder and study in Los Angeles, while pursuing her career. Her parent’s supported her wishes, and she did not miss a beat on giving a career in modeling her all. Her success is quite amazing. She is booking commercials and working diligently at her own success in a challenging industry. The courage and tenacity that it took for her to jump in is incredible for such a young woman.

Paige is determined to work hard and do this on her own merit. She wants to prove herself to herself, and I commend and admire her for it.

Paige credits her parents for being a great source of inspiration for her, as they have always been there to guide her through difficulties and lead by example. They have done this by showing her the significant and positive outcomes of hard work and courage.

I can’t wait to watch and see everything that Paige is going to accomplish. Not to mention all the young , shy girls out there who are going to be inspired by Paige’s story. Hopefully they too will gain the confidence to know they can do and become anything they want, if they just put in the effort and try.

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