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Growing up I always kept a journal, or a diary. Even now, I continue to keep one for my inner most contemplations. It’s a personal and incredibly healing, and most definitely the foundation of the writings that I share with you all. When I had kids, I kept a journal for each, documenting all of their little firsts. First tooth, first word, first step. A record of all of the first things that cracked my heart right open. As they grew, and I grew, I continued writing on my own as I reflected, struggled and reveled in motherhood. Having these journals of scribbled words, and deeply honest moments on paper is something that I cherish above all other possessions.

I recently gave my kids their journals, and to my surprise they have been devouring these stories about them in their beginnings. Some of the things that I wrote about I had totally forgotten, somethings are clear as day, some are so simple and so very dear. For me, it’s been a great reminder of those precious and sweet moments that are so fleeting. It’s the simple things that hold the most value. What a beautiful reminder.

I gave my girls, who are sixteen and fourteen, their own journals to begin investing in. I told them that it’s a very special and important experience to write your story down on paper. Writing is a therapeutic practice, and teenage years are the most grueling. Having this private outlet to express what’s happening in their lives, their frustrations, and of course the amazing things too, is incredibly healthy. Journaling is becoming a lost art with the technology frenzied world we live in. There is nothing like pen and paper to free up space within our beings. I will continue to journal, and hope my children follow suit. Reading and seeing the words scribbled by my 23 year old self about life, love , being a young mom and what to make for dinner, are experiences and insights into myself that I can’t quite express. Give it a try. I promise you will cherish these relics in time.

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