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Maintaining Boundaries

I try and live my life as an open book, welcoming people into my world graciously. I used to think that meant pulling in everyone and looking the other way when things didn’t feel right or if they stung. I was ruled by being nice and sensitive and just accepting. Through the years, with time and age, I have learned some hard lessons. As much as I strive to see the best in everyone, I have come to realize how important it is to set boundaries for myself. Living this way has afforded me many things. First off, I save my sensitive heart from unnecessary hurt, and I also allow a friendship to grow and develop slowly, which is a more authentic experience for me at this stage of life. More deeply, I am showing the truest me when I set boundaries, because I am not coming from a place of pleasing or wanting to win people. I anchor in my own value, and from that place bring people in that are doing the same.

As a result I am foraging stronger, more consistent, and more authentic friendships. As a mother of 4, with a husband, music commitments, and my love for philanthropy, my time is limited. My interest is also limited at my age. These days love, laughter and integrity are at the forefront. Anything less, is just, well… Less. Holding true to what keeps me grounded is what keeps my heart open. Because I’m human, I need help in doing so, so boundaries are crucial, as is my faith. They go hand in hand, as anchors in my life, holding me accountable to what matters most. Sure, I make errors and fall into old patterns, but when I maintain firm boundaries, my errors happen less frequently, opening up deeper relationships and ultimately more peace for myself.

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