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As Mother’s Day is approaching I have been thinking about what it means to me. Everyone of us that is a mother understands the ups and downs that comes with this role. I also recognize that Mother’s Day can be burdensome for many woman who may be struggling to have children or never had them. There are also those that have fractured or painful relationships with their Mother, or they don’t have one. My heart feels compassion and love for all of you.

I can remember from the time I was babysitting at twelve years, that I loved kids. I knew that I wanted to be a mother some day. What I didn’t realize is how hard and complex it is. Forget about the late night feedings, getting no sleep, and the monotony of keeping a little one out of danger. As they grow into toddlers, then pretty soon teenagers it’s a whole new world. I thought they were hard when they were babies, but in reality thats probably the easiest and sweetest stage.

As mom’s we are usually with our children the most so when it comes to discipline, making sure they are getting their homework done, driving them to all of their many after school extracurricular activities, Doctor’s appointments, sick days, hormones, etc; it’s on us. Whomever said that being a mom is easy has no clue, or maybe I need her number.

I grew up with a Mother who was a school teacher, a thankless job to say the least. She would teach all day and then come home to eight children. I am pretty sure my mom never felt validated for the tremendous job that she did. I think a lot of Mother’s who juggle work and motherhood never really get the validation they deserve. I know the guilt that comes over mom’s who work or any mother who is juggling to invest in her passions.

To all of you beautiful mom’s out there I just want to say you’re great. Do not feel guilty for working or for finding other passions that fulfill and maintain your essence. It’s crucial to have outlets and passions, anchoring to who we are independently of Motherhood. Many woman who only focus on their kids feel lost and don’t know who they are without their role as an active caretaker.

The beauty of being a Mother is endless. The way our heart just grows from that first moment of meeting our precious ones is nothing thats words can convey. I bask in getting hugs, I love it when they tell me they love me, I cherish one on one time with my kids when we can just talk, I love to snuggle up with them. These things are the highlights, but in reality don’t happen all the time. Most of the time the kids are fighting, they don’t listen to me, they tell me I’m annoying, demand, demand and demand more. Oh the glamour of it all! Through the struggles of motherhood I am learning patience. I am learning to accept my kids for who they are, separate from me. I am being easier on me. I have started meditating and it has done wonders for me.

Over the years I have learned that all woman are truly Mothers. The aunts, cousins, sisters, and friends. We all step in to help raise these kids, providing love and guidance.

For all woman everywhere I want to wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day. Remember your worth and your value. Without woman children would not exist. Now that is remarkable.

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