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New Years Intentions

With 2019 just around the corner we start hearing the dreaded question… ”What are your New Year’s resolutions or goals?” Yikes! So much pressure !! I always feel so much discomfort around New Years resolutions or New Years goals. I almost felt doomed that I didn’t have any really good ones or worse, if I didn’t stick to the lofty ones that I committed to. I don’t think I’m alone in this sentiment either. I am a full believer and supporter of resolving what doesn’t work in our lives and creating and striving for better, but I prefer the gentle path. Here is my intention.. Let’s change things around and instead of making and setting goals this New Years let’s set intentions. I think when we set intentions for ourselves it’s less daunting and actually sounds supportive..

Setting intentions might be something new for you. You might be asking what’s the difference between resolutions and or goals vs. setting intentions? The difference for me is that I feel so much pressure with the time line of a goal or resolution. I feel that if I don’t achieve it by the years end I have somehow failed in my promise to myself. When I set an intention I’m able to remind myself what I’m intending to achieve for myself. I’m a big believer in starting small and dreaming big. When the pressure is off and the support is on, we alleviate the potential feelings of shame, guilt, and the other yucky emotions that come with “setting goals” or “resolving issues” each New Year.

To be clear, setting goals and resolutions in the New Year are amazing and successful for some. I just know that for me, it brings on this massive pressure. I know many of my friends have shared the same feeling. When we set intentions we are working toward something gracefully. I feel a real encouragement to move forward in whatever it is that I am wanting for myself when I set intentions. I also find that the intentions I start with are a bit kinder and more achievable too.

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