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Positive Vibes Attract A Tribe

Do you go through times in your life where everything you say out loud seems to in some way happen? For example, you may say you love a particular song and then get in the car and that song is playing on the radio. It can be as simple as looking for a parking spot, and there are no parking spots until you say out loud “I am going to find a good parking spot,” and viola you find a parking spot.

Lately, this has been my life. By the way, I am not complaining at all, it has been amazing. I have been putting out positive energy as well as surrounding myself with positive people and that too makes a world of difference. As many of you know I have been spending more time in Nashville. I feel an utter and complete sense of comfort when I am there. Nashville reminds me of home. That being said, when I am there I get into a completely different mind space. That space allows me to project this type of energy that is bringing amazing people into my life and things are just moving at this great momentum. I want this feeling of positivity and rejuvenation to last forever.

I am able to continue to use that energy when I come back to LA to continue this positive momentum. Positive thinking puts you into a space of positive energy. Like things attract like things. That being said I have noticed that when I am around people who are negative or seem to attract drama I go into a yucky place. The attitudes and energies I surround myself with truly do affect me. When I surround myself around positive, uplifting people, I am put in a space of pure goodness and happiness, a place I truly love.

Positive vibes attract a positive tribe. Test it out and you will see.

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