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Raising Caring, Confident, Thriving Humans

We are living in a very fast, technologically savvy world. At times it feels like I am losing touch with my family, as they seem to engage more intimately with their devices than with me. While I know it’s the way of things, it’s daunting.

Like any parent, I’m wanting my kids to feel confident in who they are separate from their social media image. I want them to feel proud of who they are as human beings. I want them to have a good and deeply rooted value system, I want them to see the value of connection, politeness and nature. I want them to ponder things in the way that my generation did, because it was all we had as entertainment.

Our kids are living in a generation that feels so very far away from these things. I notice that it is becoming increasingly hard for kids to look someone square in the eye when speaking to them. Communication skills seem increasingly limited. Kids are looking online or to social media for expression and in turn acceptance. All of these things breed insecurities with kids stemming at a very young age. I am also noticing a lack of empathy for others as a result of the lack of real connection. This too causes kids to feel insecure and not valued. I give all of this enormous thought. Ultimately, I think it comes down to a lack of real human connection. As incredible as technology is, it can never translate the emotion that eye to eye contact can. Sadly we are in a faster, bigger, better trajectory and slowing down to feel isn’t a priority.

I know I seem all doom and gloom, but without naming the difficulty, how can we shift into the health? Nothing will every change without intention, and I am a big believer in setting good ones.

Here it goes…

I am committed to cultivating, encouraging and living in deep, honest and wholesome connection. I am committed to monitoring my kids relationship with social media and technology because it’s my right as their parent. I am committed in slowing down and taking in the beauty of the real world and real people. I am committed to leaving my children with the legacy of a Mother that believed and honored connection and virtue above all else.

I am pretty sure there is no Snapchat filter for those.

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