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Reclaiming Grace

I wanted to share a little insight into my faith. My faith is the cornerstone of my life and it has fundamentally shaped me into the woman that I am today.

I grew up in a devout LDS (Mormon) home. Both of my parents were and still are devoted mormons. I was raised going to church every Sunday, and participating in activities with people from the LDS community. Going to church every Sunday was common practice. While, I didn’t necessarily like it, it wasn’t a choice because it defined us a a family, and anchored our week. No teenager is eager to wake up early on their weekend and go sit in church, but it’s what we came to expect and somehow there was joy in the regularity of it.

As my life changed pretty drastically, I had to also shift the way my faith and my lifestyle flowed together. In my tiny Canadian hometown, modest dressing was the standard. Modest, meaning clothing that is not revealing at all. One piece swimsuit were all I knew.

While I am a practicing mormon woman, I have teenage girls and a teenage boy and live in a Los Angeles suburb. Modest dressing is scarcely found here. While I have accepted the evolution of my life, as well as the reality of the world my teenagers live in, I am seeing and understand more than ever the value in the modesty that my church promoted and held true to.

In todays society “the more skin the better ” is the measure that we are being held to. There truly is nothing left to the imagination. I have fallen prey to this too, even though it’s not where my true comfort lies. When I perform or go to an event, it is much easier to find something that doesn’t have a lot of material than to find something that will cover me up. Demure fashion is scarcely found, and if it is its not alluring to anyone because of the standard that we have cultivated.

I do hope for a shift in our evolution back to grace, humility and allure. I hope that my daughters grow into woman that know that their beauty isn’t measured my the length of their hemline or neckline. I hope for the same for myself as well. We all deserve to measure our beauty by what we can give from our hearts vs how enticing we can be to another.

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