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Reclaiming our Health

I was at my gynecologist appointment about nine months ago, and feeling a little heavy hearted… It has been a couple years since my first cousin Shawna passed away from ovarian cancer, this was a tragic and painful hit to our family, as well as a reminder of my own mortality. I have been having this pulling feeling to get tested to rule out carrying the cancer gene, and to also understand more of what to be aware of. Since I do have a family history of cancer, and my father was adopted without records, I have been wanting to become more proactive in my health.

The scary thing about ovarian cancer, is that most woman do not know they have it until it is too late, which was the case with my dear cousin Shawna. Ovarian cancer is not detected through a pap-smear, only a blood test, that must be done in order to identify it. Most woman do not know about this. The blood test is called a CA-125 .

I had the test done, as well as the BRCA gene scan . If tested positive for this gene, the likelihood of getting breast and ovarian cancer is terrifyingly high. Angelina Jolie tested positive for this gene, and brought awareness with her choice to mitigate the possibility of cancer by electing a double mastectomy.

Thankfully, I tested negative on both tests, and for that I am beyond grateful. I have two daughters, and the anxiety one feels waiting for results with things of this nature can create an endless amount of strain.

I share this because I encourage all women to get tested. It takes no time at all. I don’t believe in the alarmist approach to health, but I do believe in being proactive in it. Good health is such a precious gift and a true luxury that many do not have. Here is to maintaining and nurturing our precious healthy bodies in the most conscious and loving way possible.

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