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Style with Grace

I have haphazardly started a bit of a collection, well lets say its really an obsession that I have renamed “collection”. I love clothes, all kinds of clothes, but what I love best are timeless beautifully structured pieces. I remember being a little girl on my family’s farm in Canada, marveling over the grace and elegance of iconic women of my parents generation. Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and even Nancy Reagan fascinated me because they each carried and element nobility that I found inspiring. I soon realized that they held a mystery about them in the way they dressed which our generation has lost.

Oscar de la Renta dress, owned by the late Nancy Reagan

A friend of mine embodied this grace that I am referring to. Gorgeously tailored suits, beautifully structured bags, dresses cut to perfection… I had to share my admiration. She told me that she was a collector of beautifully maintained vintage pieces. I was mesmerized. She held that same mystery that I so admired and hoped to cultivate.

Over the past 5 -6 years I have collected pieces that are treasured pieces and among them are some are from Nancy Reagan’s collection. I had the fabulous opportunity to attend the Grammy Awards. I asked my friend if she was able to help me find a dress. She did! It was a beautiful black velvet dress by Adolfo. It was a one shoulder gown that was cut to perfection. When I put it on it felt like second skin against my body. It fit me like a glove yet covered enough skin to create the air of elegance versus overt sexiness. I felt beautiful, sexy and elegant all at once. I remember walking into the Grammys in that dress and I walked a little taller, I walked with confidence. I felt like a woman. The Adolfo dress happened to belong to the late Nancy Reagan. The dress is truly a piece of art.

Collecting these beautiful pieces of art may seem frivolous in moments, but to me they embody strength and grace of an era that is long gone. Surely I love beautiful clothing, shoes and bags as most girls do, but these treasured pieces remind me to hold true to a certain level of grace, demurness and elegance that has been sadly lost, but that I am holding true to.

I love each one of my collected pieces and I look forward to passing each down to my daughters as they get older, mostly to share with them the story of who wore them, what they contributed as women, and what they remind me to continued being.

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