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Wednesday Woman I Admire: Amy Chinian

Amy is an incredible woman that I met through my oldest son. She is the mother of 5, with children spanning from ages 16-24. She has two daughters in high school, her son is in college and two daughters that have graduated college.

11 years ago she started a business that has taken off in an incredible way. The story is so humbling and hilarious. Amy was 9 months pregnant and found that all 4 of her children had contracted lice. The experience came at a very untimely period and created so much stress, as anyone who has dealt with lice can understand. She got rid of the lice, but was not educated on these repeat offenders. She decided to take the matter into her own hands and educate herself. She learned and subsequently took over the lice checks at her children’s school because her understand was rock solid. Obviously it was her compassion that pushed her to helping. Amy started here own company called “My Hair Helpers”. She has trained others in her technique so they can come to you and treat you or your kids. Amy also created her own product line and her own advertising. She is so confident and successful in controlling lice that she is committed to taking her products and education to low income ares where lice remedies are not available as they are so very expensive.

Amy helps thousands with an issue that is so pervasive, unpleasant and very real. She has been my go to and the the only one that can fully eradicate this common issue. I have referred her to so many of my friends and their friends as well, because she is so knowledgeable and makes you feel so comfortable.

Amy’s heart is in a place of always wanting to help, as she see’s the need in so many area’s that cannot afford this service. While Amy has a team of women who are trained in her method, this is their livelihood, so they cannot work for free in the lower income schools. Amy is in the midst of looking for angel grants or donations to make this initiative possible in these low income areas. She is truly an angel with the most altruistic heart.

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