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Wednesday Woman I Admire: Erin Huss

Erin is one of those beings that just lightens up a room with a human honesty and humor that reminds us that nothing is really all that serious or important. She reminds me that there is always the opportunity to see the humor in almost everything. Humor is a true gift and expressing it can soothe in ways that not much else can. Erin has this gift. This is her genius.

She has channeled this gift through writing. She is a storyteller, and a truly amazing one. She has a wealth of stories from her one time job as an apartment manager. You can imagine what she was privy to doing that. Erin has stories, amazing ones, shocking ones, brutally human ones, and she translates them incredibly. From this she has written several books, and I must say they are incredible.

Erin is also mother of five beautiful kids. Her kids range from the age of ten years all the way down to a year and a half. To say she is a busy woman is an understatement, yet she manages it all with a glimmer in her eye and a hilarious perspective. She is a light and that gift holds more value in a world that can feel so serious and self important, than just about anything I can think of.

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