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Wednesday Woman I Admire: Sheba Grobstein

Two years ago I had the privilege of meeting this remarkable woman through my involvement in The Nation Charity League. She is a powerhouse in the world of philanthropy. Sheba is incredibly connected and resourceful in using her time in the best way possible to make the greatest difference in the lives of others. My connection to her was immediate, as was my respect for her. She is a woman that wants to help first and foremost. When she hears an idea that someone has that she knows will be fruitful in the world of philanthropy, she doesn’t hesitate to take action and find a way to bring it to fruition. Her action and positivity is like nothing I have seen. She the very first person to comment positively on a blog post of mine, and most definitely the first one I call if I need direction in the cause that I’m working on. She truly motivates one to do and give more generously, what a huge and gorgeous heart she has. Her efforts are not only in wanting to make a difference in the lives of others, but in wanting to set an example for her children and others by putting her ideas into action. We are both proponents of empowering young girls and woman alike, and share in this initiative. There is great strength in numbers and I feel an enormous sense of hope to work along side a woman like Sheba. Sheba remembers her grandmother, who was not a wealthy woman, regularly delivering food, clothing and anything extra she could part with to a local orphanage. Sheba would watch and admire her grandmother as a role model. To this day, Sheba’s extended family members still support that orphanage with clothes, food and building renovations.

Giving is in her blood. Sheba consistently devotes her time among a few organizations that have special meaning to her. And because of Sheba and her efforts, underserved kids are getting an education in the arts. Single parent families are finding financial assistance and friendship. A mom with a sick child gets help finding a cure. Inner city children are building pride in their community. Her contributions of time and money are abundant beyond measure.

Sheba is active in Heart of Los Angeles, (HOLA) that helps give underserved kids an artistic and cultural alternative to the streets, not only throughout the year but in particular heads up a toy drive and delivers toys with her kids during the holidays. At Thanksgiving Sheba gives back by donating meals with her family to the Pacific Boys Lodge each year, and her dedication to a good friend’s foundation Jake’s Ladder in support of a cure for cystic fibrosis is all encompassing. Sheba is also active in Extended Family Charity, a local organization that provides financial assistance to single parent families. Sheba and her daughter are also members of National Charity League (NCL), an organization that allows them to spend time together volunteering and touching so many people in need.

Perhaps at the core of Sheba’s giving heart is her new and wildly successful fragrance line that is built on a philanthropic platform. It came about when Sheba realized that her creative approach to fundraising plans meant she was constantly tapped by others to help their goals match hers in success. It did not take long for her to surmise that instead of only helping friends, there was a way to further her own efforts by pairing her socially responsible ideals with a childhood passion and an entrepreneurial idea. Truly Yours Parfums, and its first scent, Reisa, was born. Sheba has been a fine fragrance aficionado from early on, “If there was a superlative in my high school yearbook for best smelling, it would have been me,” she says and had long dreamed of one day creating her own. With the drive of parlaying her fragrance success into further fundraising triumph, Sheba set out to work with the best in the industry including bottle and package designers, fragrance houses and perfumers.

“My family’s passion for philanthropy and desire to do as much as we can to make this world a better place needed to play a fundamental role in my company,” she explains. “I was inspired to create a niche fragrance that exemplifies a new definition of luxury while empowering people as well as promoting individuality, inner strength and generosity for the woman who wears it. It was my dream to blend these worlds together and unite them into a single purpose.”

With a meaningful legacy begun long ago by her beloved grandmother, Sheba continues to set the perfect example for her family of how their actions can help make this world better. Her lucky children are also following in the footsteps of a truly amazing woman.

OCTOBER 18, 2017

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