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Wednesday Woman I Admire: Symon

When I look at the many woman I have met throughout my life or woman I have read about that have touched me in some way the list is abundant and pretty remarkable. I don’t think they know how inspiring they are and how their actions and behaviors affect me and those around them.

Symon (Gabrielle Friedland) is one such person. She is a talented musician who oh so passionately followed her dreams of making it in the music industry. Symon is a singer/songwriter who I have watched go through her own trials and tribulations as an artist.

Symon has a heart of gold that never falters . She is continually wanting to help all in her world and she does it in a way that no one would even know she was doing it. Her giving is seamless. Several years ago, there was a little girl who was battling cancer. Symon had heard about her through her community, and without missing a beat went to go visit her while she sat in a hospital. She felt the pull to this child and just showed up for her and continued to do so weekly until her cancer was in remission. While I do believe that we all have good intentions and the desire to help others, Symon is a young women that always shows up. She is the antithesis of all talk. She is the opposite, she is all action. When I need her to help me Mother my children she comes running , and has created a closeness with my children that is solid based on her actions.

Her dedication to her music also never wavers. Her band, of 7 years abruptly dissolved, and she bravely carried on as a solo artist and is winning great success. Another example, of Symon continuing to show up despite difficulty or adversity. Her optimism during these difficult times has been such a blessing to me as I have watched her gracefully grow through these experiences, Symon is surely teaching me along the way

Her heart is pure and tender which I hold so very dear, and her tenacity and soulfulness keep me inspired to do the very same. While Symon, is merely 25 years old, her soul is that of wise woman. Her sensitivity connects her to people in a way that I rarely see, giving her an insight and intuitiveness that is far beyond her years. She care and feels in the deepest of ways and to be loved by her is a gift beyond measure.

You can catch Symon daily, four to seven PST, on Sirius XM where she is one of three hosts for Hits1 Hollywood.

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