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Wednesday Woman I Admire: Valerie Morehouse

Valerie came into my life almost three years ago. I had already worked with several vocal coaches throughout the twelve plus years of my career, but when I heard about Valerie I was intrigued. Valerie is unique, as she is specifically trained and well-versed in vocal health. Not only does she help one become a better a singer by developing their voice to it’s fullest potential, but she focuses on making sure that you’re singing correctly, to ensure the health of your vocal chords. This can be very serious for artists. In the past, I have had issues with my vocal chords and I had to see a doctor who specializes in this field several times. As a singer that’s a scary thing. Since working with Val, I have been able to remedy the issues that I was experiencing and actually create a much stronger and healthier voice because of her methods. That alone, says a lot about her and her approach to vocal therapy and artistry.

Valerie Morehouse works with the top musicians in the industry. Artists such as, The Chainsmokers, Christina Perri, Martina McBride, Noah Cyrus, Symon, Avril Levine, Hunter Hayes and Sia, just to name a few. She is highly regarded and revered in the world of singers. I am beyond fortunate to be able to work with her, as she is like no other.

I love that Valerie is such a strong, confident woman. She can walk into any room and hold her own. She is not afraid to tell you the truth even if you’re a mega star like Sia. This is why Valerie is so well respected in the music industry. I know she will always be honest and completely straight with me, holding me to a standard that she knows I am capable of achieving. She is a true teacher.

What is exceedingly beautiful about Valerie, is that she doesn’t discriminate between her students. All of us, no matter what we have achieved, are top priority to her. She has single handedly transformed my voice and shifted me into a singer instead of someone who loves to sing. My gratitude is overwhelming, as is my respect for what she does for so many artists. It feels good to say with confidence that I am a singer, where as before I felt timid and insecure about admitting that I was a singer.

Valerie is currently writing a book about her journey in music. She shares so poignantly about the intricacies of the music industry, which is incredibly compelling, as anyone could imagine. Where she delves most deeply, is in explaining vocal health. She refers to singers as athletes, who must care and prepare their voices to ensure their best performance every time. This book is a must read for every singer. I highly recommend it as soon as it hits the shelves.

Valerie is truly a special soul, who has truly left her mark in the beautiful service she provides for artists. She takes a holistic approach with her clients in a granular way from lifestyle to method to healing, which has helped me work through my own fears. I am honored to learn and work with her and to call her my friend. What a gem she is!

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