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Woman I Admire: Kelly Phillips

I met Kelly about seven years ago at a luncheon that my girlfriend Mandy put together. I remember sitting beside her. Kelly was pregnant with her fourth baby and I could see how proud she was of her soon-to-arrive little boy. She was so unassuming, soft- spoken, tender and incredibly witty. While I didn’t know her, I felt at ease by her side. We then got to know each other a little bit and the more we talked, the more we realized how much we had in common, including our kids’ ages.

Over the years, I became closer with her and equally close with her children. Her three teenage daughters share their mother’s spirit and magnetism. Kelly is an incredible mother to her children. She puts motherhood at the top of her priority list in a way that seems effortless. While she is best friends with her gorgeous girls, she has created a perfect balance of friend and disciplinary, clearly defining her status as a mother.

Before she was a mother, she was a model. This stunning blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl began her career as a teenager, and quickly traveled the world as a successful model. Her work ethic, beauty and charm led her to success. She then married and became a young mother, fully devoting herself to her children and putting her modeling career on hold. Kelly experienced hardships in her first marriage, but maintained an admirable and positive outlook. She has always been a rock for her daughters, helping them through the difficulty of a divorce with ease and grace.

Her girls look up to her. Kelly is their constant, their support and their protector. She is the “Mama Bear” and nobody is going to mess with her family or friends. Watching Kelly maneuver through the trials and tribulations that life throws out unexpectedly with such grace is beautiful to witness. She inspires me to continue my inner work and be the best mother that I can be.

Kelly has been married for 11 years to a man that matches her kindness and devotion. He is a wonderful father and partner and seeing the beauty that their family possesses is a true testament of love. I am beyond grateful to be held so dearly by them and them by me.

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