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Young Woman I Admire: Grace Phillips

Grace Phillips has a name that perfectly possesses who she is as a person. She is pure elegance and every word you can think of that embodies the word “grace” is what Gracie Phillips is.

I have had the pleasure of watching Grace grow and flourish into the remarkable young woman she is today. I’ve spent hours talking to her and listening to her as she has dealt with issues from middle school mean girls to high school heartbreaks, and a steady modeling career.

Gracie knows first hand what it’s like to be bullied. She dealt with it painfully during middle school and into her freshman year of high school. As she grew she came to the awareness that these people were so mean because they were unhappy and in their own struggle. None of which is ok, and surely causes enormous damage, however this awareness pushed her higher.

That’s where the “Kill them with kindness” tactic came into play. Gracie made a point of being so nice and kind to these kids that she knew that there was no way they could say anything bad about her. She didn’t meet them in their abuse, but stood strong in her goodness. This took strength, commitment and grit and it paid off. Her story through the abuse of bullying was a success, but Gracie knows not all come through it as she did.

Recently Gracie had a dear friend who took his life. He felt alone in the world which lead to an increasing feeling of despair. He didn’t feel like anyone would care of he was no longer here. He was just 20 years old. This has affected Gracie in such a profound way. She has always prided herself on being kind and going out of her way to make people feel special. Still, his pain was so profound. She posted something on her Instagram story as well as Twitter after she learnt what happened to her friend. This is what she posted :

Currently, Gracie is a very successful model with a huge career ahead of her. Gracie’s mom Kelly was a model and Gracie was often told she could follow in her footsteps. It wasn’t until her senior year of high school that she realized she wanted to model and decided to do something about it. Kelly took Gracie to a small modeling agency, where she was denied because of her height . She felt discouraged but the next day her mom took her over to Wilhelmina, one of the biggest agencies and they signed her on the spot. Her success is remarkable, her beauty immeasurable, yet she never forgets where she came from, what she endured and how fortunate she was to rise above. This inspiring young woman continues to try and make a difference in the lives of others just by being kind. What a wonderful role model Grace already is at such a young age. I can’t wait to watch all that she is going to accomplish.

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