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Highlights Lately

I recently returned from a songwriter's festival in Key West, where I played five shows. I was on an inspirational high the whole time, and my heart was filled with joy for this life. I get to pour my heart into songs and share my passion with the most incredible people. I have a fantastic team, and we truly love what we do. I also got to be in the audience to watch other talented artists light up the stage. Music fills my cup and completes my soul.

I’ve been in the studio a lot lately, working on a country album that I'm incredibly excited about. My single, "In Love with Tennessee," is coming out on Friday! Go pre-save it so you can jam out right when it hits your favorite music service. This song is special to me because it puts into words the love I have for one of my favorite places. It's a place where I’ve experienced growth, overcome challenges, and reached new heights in my career. It's a place where I feel like my truest self.

One of my besties, Megan Barker, and I playing at Mary Ellen's during The Key West Songwriter's Fest.

We met lots of new friends in Key West. (L to R) Lockwood Barr, myself, Megan Barker & Greg the dog

I love the music-making process. From brainstorming and writing to execution, it is so fulfilling to see it all come together. It's also a little nerve-racking to be vulnerable and put my work out there for everyone to critique. I have to let go of my insecurities and remember why I make music: because I love it, and if one person is impacted positively by it, then it's all worth it to me.

Top Photo ( L to R) Myself & Eryn Cooper (shooting content for upcoming single) Lockwood Barr & Lauren Lucas, and I (just finished a write that is insanely good, if I may say)

Bottom ( L to R ) Lockwood Barr, Nick Hayes (writing session and wrote a killer song) Rebecca Howell & I finishing a write. (wrote a beautiful song for all mama's out there)

I hope you enjoy the song. It came from my heart. Your support means the world to me, and I'm so thankful for each and every one of you who makes this journey possible. Whether you come to my shows, read my blogs, follow me on social media, or pre-save my songs, you are a crucial part of this adventure.

Thank you for being here and for believing in my music. Let's keep making memories together.


In Love With Tennessee


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