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July Update with Kimberly Dawn

I hope ya'll are having a dreamy summer. Mine has been great. I'm unsure if it's the Nashville humidity or my rush of inspiration lately, but I've been in the studio a lot, cranking out some fantastic music. 


You would think it might be hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it's 95 degrees outside. However, as soon as I hear some festive tunes, it's like I go into a third dimension and picture myself in a winter wonderland surrounded by Christmas trees and mistletoe. So when I'm in the studio, it helps to grab a Santa hat and really feel that Christmas spirit. I've been working on my Christmas album since February, and halleluiah, I just finished the vocals on it! It's always such an accomplished feeling when you finish the vocals on that final song. I will never get sick of recording Christmas music or spreading holiday cheer.


In other news: the music video for Leave Her Better debuts this Friday, July 21. Yay! I am so excited for ya'll to see it. I had so much fun making it. I continue to feel deeply grateful as my song sparks conversations about past breakup experiences and has hit home with many of you. It means the world to me when you share a piece of your heart with me. Leave Her Better is a song that I indeed sang from the heart.


Another fun adventure I had this summer was a Vegas Trip! Sin City did not disappoint. I saw Garth Brooks in concert, and he exceeded my highest expectations. His three-hour show was terrific and inspiring. I loved his no-cell phone rule during the show. In this day and age, where phone addictions are pretty much a norm, he wanted his audience to be present. He sang his heart out, engaged with his audience, and told stories about his musical career. The inspiration in the venue was palpable. When I returned to Nashville after Garth Brook's show, I was on such a high from the Garth Brooks concert that I channeled it into my holiday album. Thank you, Garth Brooks, for giving me the wave of inspiration I needed to finish my album! Sometimes I get my greatest inspiration from other artists.


I'm preparing to debark on a much-needed family vacation to the Bahamas for two weeks. I cannot wait for deep relaxation, gourmet food, and quality family time. I will document my trip to share with all of you. The Bahamas has become a very special oasis for me. Somewhere that allows me to unwind and give myself a mental break. Being near the water always ignites creativity in me. Even though I will be on vacation, I will bring my guitar with me so that I am ready to keep creating. I will be making sure I am giving myself much-needed downtime over the next two weeks.

Thank you to those who follow me. Also, a BIG welcome to anyone who is new to joining me on this journey. Thank you to those who believe in me. Thank you to those who spread kindness. You may never know what difference your comment made or your story's impact. You all inspire me every day.

Here's a little preview of my upcoming music video Leave Her Better .


Kimberly Dawn


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